Kafwa Drop-In Centre 2018/2019 Visits – By Ukupela Foundation

Kafwa Drop-In Centre 2018 Visit

Ukupelas first project with Kafwa Drop-in Centre. The team was able to distribute some school books and drinks. Most importantly, gather information on the drop-in centre for future projects.

KAFWA is a not-for-profit school set up by Rosemary Mumba aimed at offering Zambian orphans, many of whom have special needs, a chance at education.

The children often have special needs that cannot be met by normal, mainstream schools and their families are too poor to send them to special schools. The school not only provides the children with mental nourishment but also provides them with one meal a day. That one meal a day, to some is the only meal they have for the day.

The school has seen many successes. With the persistent efforts of Rosemary and many volunteers, some of the kids have gone on to join the mainstream schools. Many still return to give their service to help the younger children.

Ukupelas second visit to Kafwa Drop-In Centre

Ukupela team was well informed on what the Kafwa Drop in Centre was in need of.  A library and new classrooms are currently being  built for the children. We were able to collect enough funds to buy glass for the windows on some of the classrooms, as well as for the labor of the workers. Just in time for rainy season.

The teachers and children say THANK YOU.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

Our Third visit in 2019.

We would like to give a very big thank you to an International School in Bonn for the generous donation to support Ukupela with projects dealing with orphanages and non governmental schools.
Ukupela continued to support  Kafwa Drop-In Centre, with whom we had gradually co-operated with over the past months.
IBIS took the initiative to inspire kids to help in need, and we are very grateful.

Every second Friday a family in the senior classes (6,7&8) baked cupcakes to sell for Kafwa. It was amazing to see how kids came together for fellow kids. We are so grateful for the kind hearts of well-wishers.
 All donations were used for building materials, sacks of mealie meal, sugar and tablespoons.

Roofers and pupils all working hard to shelter the buildings yet to be completed.

The check made it to Zambia straight to Mrs. Rosemary, thanks to Mrs.Florence Gasse from Team Ukupela.

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